Let us help you explore beyond the unknown- The Academy 2021

The Academy 2021 was a unique event that connected 100 Scouts & Guides from 33 different countries in an online gamified way.

Peer groups was one of the core elements of the event.

Based on the symbolic framework and as part of the gamification of the event each peer group was the crew of their own spaceship hub (each named after a fictional spaceship). Their crew mission was also to complete a project for transferring the Academy learning beyond the event.­

Peer group projects had an important place in the Academy. Built by the peer groups collectively during regular meetings, their main objectives were to encourage productive networking between peers, but also to share the word for the impact of Scouting & Guiding and how we can react in a changing environment.

Below you can find 12 amazing projects created by the Academy 2021 participants!

Enjoy surfing & get inspired & motivated from ideas that you can apply directly in your local context.


1. PSS Argonaut – SDGs Pursuit

How about a trivia game for SDGs?
PSS Argonaut is presenting you the SDGs Pursuit! You can play it with your group or/ and share it wider.
How much do you know around Equality? Health? Climate change? Test your knowledge and learn more through this game.

The Game: ResourcesRulesBoardLogoOverviewQuestion cardsPieces

Base Questions : Climate ChangeEqualityHealthOur WorldResourcesWorking together 


2. PSS Athena – Coping with stress & anxiety through Covid-19 – Activity Toolkit

The goal of this project is to help children and teenagers deal with the fall out of Covid. How can we help others in dealing with the aspects of stress & anxiety?


3. PSS Cepheus & Infinity – Mental health prevention: Mental wellbeing for Scout & Guide leaders

Tackling the SDG 3 (good health & well being), this project focuses on Scout & Guide leaders. Useful examples and ideas can be found that you can use in your local context.


4. PSS Daedalus – Sharing the knowledge beyond the event

How can we make sure the Academy knowledge is shared beyond us? This tool can be useful not only for those who have attended/planning to attend the Academy, but for any participant of a bigger event who wants to have some guidelines on how to transfer the knowledge in their local/smaller context.


5. PSS Enterprise – How to be safe on the Internet

Internet has become quite inevitable, may it be for finding or spreading information, for networking, for entertainment.
Yet, it is not a safe space, neither for young people nor adults. This project includes ideas for different age groups regarding internet safety.


6. PSS Excalibur – Online event in a box

How to create an online event from scratch. You can find in this project practical tools: from templates to infopack for participants and many more. What are the DOs & Don’ts for a successful online event? Check out for more details


7. PSS Hyperion & Prometheus – Connecting Scouts & Guides on National Jamborees

Let’s make a Europe – and beyond – wide connected scouting and guiding summer 2022. Get in touch with the project’s coordinator and see how we can connect online in an interactive way with Scouts & Guides in different camps around the world!


8. PSS Intrepid – Adult burnout in Scouting & Guiding

Who? Where? Why? And what do we do about it? Based on a real-time research conducted during the Academy 2021 from the Intrepid group, this project tackles a very important issue, providing data & ways to address it.


9. PSS Normandy – Practical youth participation in Guiding & Scouting

Have you heard about the ladder of participation? How involved are young members in decision making processes? Check out some case studies and reflect deeper on that.


10. PSS Odyssey – Waste Management Resources Toolkit

Sustainability is a core priority! In this project you will find: knowledge and practices on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Activities, questionnaires, craft ideas & resources are gathered to support your work around waste management.


Board Game : Prefilled BoardDIY BoardCards

Zero Waste 30 days challenge


11. PSS Titan & Arcadia – Challenge stereotypes

How comfortable you feel at challenging stereotypes? Play this game with your team and discover more ideas to open the topic of diversity in a fun way


Stereotype challenge

Stereotype Game Card Example


12. Bonus Project – Discover European Scouting & Guiding with Azimuth

What is Azimuth? How can you be involved? Join the poster campaign and find out ways to get involved !