In The Shoes of Migrants

The 15th European Guide and Scout Conference requested the European Regions of WAGGGS and WOSM to support and connect the Member Organisations (MOs) and National Scout Organisations (NSOs) in playing an active role in the current migrant and refugee situation in Europe.

This game was adapted from a preexisting game created by La Cimade, a French NGO in 2007, called “Parcours de migrants” [Paths of migrants], by a joint WAGGGS and WOSM working group on “Human Rights and Refugees”, believing that if you want to get active, getting informed is the first step before taking action. It aims at raising awareness about migration and asylum seeking in Europe and in the world nowadays.

The board game represents the path of a migrant fleeing from his/her country, trying to reach Europe to (re)build her/his life there. The big blue squares (procedure squares) are directly linked to this path. Other squares (white ones, “?” ones) allow the players to discuss and learn about migrants in Europe and in the world.


Each player represents a migrant character (that the player/team will pick randomly at the beginning of the game) and will be in his/her shoes until getting his status if she/he succeeds. There are 5 characters. The number of players can variate, according to whether they play individually or by teams.

The game requires 1 to 3 facilitators. If one of them knows a bit about migration (realities, legal aspects, etc.), it can be a plus to be able answering questions the players may ask them during the game.

Duration: between 1 and 2 hours, according to your schedule. It is also suggested and recommended to keep a bit of time at the end to discuss all together on the path experienced by the players.

The Game “In the shoes of the migrants” offers a great deal of adaptability for the facilitator, according to the mode of animation they wish to have, the personality of the players, material circumstances, the objective followed, etc

Download the game components:

1. Introducing the Game in the Shoes of Migrants

4. Procedure Cards

5. Character cards

6. Source cards

7. Debate cards

8. Best practises

9. What does this photo inspire you-Photos