Let Us Help You Recalibrate Your Compass- The Academy 2020

The Scout and Guide Academy 2020 did not resemble any of its previous editions in shape. It went fully online due to the pandemic restrictions. Nonetheless, the spirit of learning and growth has been there more than ever before. 

Peer groups captured their shared learning, for Scouts & Guides across the region, to help us all bounce back better than ever!

Prior to the event, participants were spilt into peer groups and were tasked to plan a project. The project approach was part of the holistic online learning experience and the projects were to help apply and embed learning acquired during the event. 

Participants dedicated time throughout the event to draft their projects (4th-8th Nov 2020) and they were to be finalised in the following two weeks (latest submission, end of November 2020).

Each peer group collectively created a project, highlighting the power of  connectedness and shared ideas. Together they help us all look ahead in a new direction,  reflect and act in a more positive way. Take a look at the projects and ideas below, so you too, can lead the new normal. 

Enjoy surfing through the below resources 🙂

Ideas for Virtual Meetings- Peer Group Project 1 

This project empowers Scouts & Guides across the region to  partner up different units to have online meetings together. It aims to bring international Scouting and Guiding to our local level units. In addition the project provides a collection of activities that can help with online meeting ideas.

Bingo for Mental Health-Peer Group Project 2

When we live in a stressful or hostile context, emotional stress reactions are natural, it is an adaptive response to an event that exceeds our resources. 

This project improves the dialogue and support around mental health for Scouts & Guides across Europe. Through their ‘Mental Health Bingo’ game, we can all start improving our own and the mental health of others. Pick one box every day and follow the instructions or play within your group. Everybody can start doing exercises and one week later, when you meet again, you can compare  and discuss who did what as a group.

Together We Move Forward- Peer Group Project 3

This project engages Scouts & Guides to sharing what they do locally, so  together we move forward.  It highlights how working together can make a stronger bond, improve impact and support the future, when we once again can gather in real life.

Travelling around Europe while at Home-Peer Group Project 4

During the pandemic-time, we are not able to travel and meet our Scouting and Guiding friends all around Europe and the World. With this toolkit, you can complete tasks from a few European countries and connect again with the wider region. It creates the possibility for everyone to do Scouting/Guiding regardless of their situation – at home, without computer/internet, with small resource needs. It includes print out pages, tasks to do individually or as a group and provides ideas to send activities to others. 

How to Organise More National Online Events and Make Them More Creative-Peer Group Project 5

This project is designed to support our membership region wide with the potentially intimidating step into the virtual Scouting & Guiding world. It introduces some great ideas to support us to host online events or ways to make them even more creative. There are simple tips and tricks designed to make it much easier to adapt online and continue to meet the needs of members. Check out the dance activity or find ways to build your online event team.

Living the Ecological Conversion-Peer Group Project 6

This project aims to collect best practices across the diversity of associations on the topic of ‘Delivering on the Sustainable Development Goal agenda.’ You can read, share or document your associations ideas and support others to work on their SDG dimensions. We envisioned the final collection of resources as a good tool for those associations, which get started with their own best practices.

Community of International Commissioners-Peer Group Project 7

This facebook group is made for WOSM and WAGGGS International Commissioners and it was created based on the need for improved online network and support in the International Leadership roles. It empowers International Commissioners to be in a safe community for sharing ideas, good practices but also share problems that we face and can work together to solve!

How to bounce back better than ever? Peer Group Project 8

This project answers some of the key questions we all have but helps us all consider how to bounce back better than ever. Feel inspired to connect, note what the barriers are by watching the group video too- can you complete their necker challenge?

The Power of Online Scouting & Guiding- Peer Group Project 9

This video showcases the power of online Scouting & Guiding and our collective capacity to create a better world.

A Roadmap to an Optimistic Future-Peer Group Project 11

The roadmap to an optimistic future highlights the importance of the continuation of Scouting & Guiding, What we’ve learnt throughout a global crisis and what we can’t afford to lose within our movement.

Measuring the Impact and Paying it Forward- Peer Group Project 12

See the real time effect of an event within our member organisations, region wide! This project is a simple but effective spreadsheet for countries to keep track of the benefit they have received from sending participants to the Academy and thus, the wider benefit to the organization which will undoubtedly help when looking to allocate funding for new participants in the future. While only a relatively small number can attend the Academy, the reach can be much wider when participants take back learning. 

My3Words- Peer Group Project 13

A team of communications volunteers want to highlight and share the power of words. Together they use the what3word navigation tool to showcase global connectedness, communications skills and what is important to them.

Make Your Own International Night Around Europe-Peer Group Project 14

Travel comfortably from your own living around Europe on this online international night. This toolkit provides resources and international activities designed to create your own mini international night at home/in your group. It enables scouts & guides to staying connected and continuing to learn from others. Explore the games, songs, treasure hunts, recipes and so much more!