Delivery of the European Regional Scout Plan 2019-2022

The European Scout Region of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) is pleased to provide you with an update on progress achieved so far in the preparations of the delivery of the Regional Scout Plan 2019-2022 (RSP) and to give an overview of the actions and expected outcomes for the near future.

European Regional Scout Plan 2019-2022: Goals 

As per the European Scout Conference Resolution 2019-01, the ambition was to “prepare the Regional Scout Plan – Action Plan with outputs and appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); and deliver the Regional Scout Plan – Action Plan to Member Organisations by 31 January 2020”.

After the selection of Coordinators and the approval of the Operational Framework and its volunteers, the first task of the Coordinating Team was therefore to define a series of triennial goals, based on the content of the Regional Scout Plan to kick start this process.

The RSP 2019-2022 Goals will guide the activities of each volunteer working structure for the Triennium and will constitute the basis for the development of actions and clear KPIs, which will become our primary measuring criteria of success in the implementation of the Plan.

Each chapter of the Plan was analysed and its content was assigned, in the form of one or more goals to be achieved, to teams and groups of the Operational Framework. These were integrated into the Regional Scout Plan 2019-2022 for all members to consider.

Next Steps

The next task of the Regional volunteer structures is to finalise the Key Performance Indicators to be used to measure the success of achieving the goals, as well as potential actions which can already be planned in order to realise this. This will be completed during our upcoming All-Groups Meeting in Kandersteg at the end of January 2020 which leads to a slight delay in the dissemination of the Regional Scout Plan Action Plan as outlined in the resolution. During the meeting, all teams and task forces will clarify all their internal documents and processes and a series of actions to initiate the work.

Based on the proposals from all teams, the newly appointed Monitoring & Evaluation Team will work towards harmonising the content into a coherent proposal for the approval of the European Scout Committee.

The European Scout Committee will then review and approve the content of the Regional Scout Plan 2019-2022 KPIs, and initial actions, which will then be disseminated by the Europe Support Centre to all Member Organisations by 15 February 2020. 

We look forward to sharing the final KPIs with you all. They will provide an indication of the direction taken by the different structures of the Operational Framework and become tools for a consistent monitoring and reporting system for all to follow the progress achieved.

If you have any questions or wish to share feedback, you can contact the Coordinators Team via Radu Stinghe, Deputy Regional Director

The European Scout Region
24 January 2020

Annex: Regional Scout Plan 2019-2022