Call for Regional Volunteers 2023-2025

We are excited to share with you the call for regional volunteers for 2023-2025. We look forward to receiving plenty of applications as our regional volunteers are the key resource the regional committee have in achieving the ambitious targets of the Triennial action plan.


To read about the various teams we will have, click here: Call for volunteers 2023-2025.


In this call we include all documents and information needed to apply as a regional volunteer. The process is in two steps:

– First the applicant should secure the approval of their Member Organisation by sharing their motivation for applying with their IC or equivalent, this is done in the MO approval form. In the first step the applicant also needs to secure that their MO approves their application to join the global volunteer pool through the document provided.

Update to application process: In the paragraph calling for a motivation for recommending the volunteer, the MO can now choose to write only “application for regional volunteer”, so either fill in the motivation or write just “application for regional volunteer”.

– In the second step the applicant needs to fill in the Microsoft Form application form and attach their MO approval form as well as submitting their application the WAGGGS Global volunteer pool.


The deadline for applying is 4th December 2022.


Should you have questions, reach out to the Region via


Link to WAGGGS Global Volunteer Pool.