Academy 2022 Content Volunteer

Get ready to live an amazing experience with almost 200 participants from all over Europe!

We need a content volunteer for the planning team of The Academy 2022!

What do you need to be a content volunteer?

● Be a volunteer of a Member Organisation of WAGGGS
● Have IC approval to fill the role
● Have previous experience(s) with Academy or with similar training events
● Be able to communicate effectively in English
● Have previous experience as a facilitator/ trainer
● Represent and appreciate the diversity of the Europe Region WAGGGS
● Be able to think strategically
● Be committed and accountable for the tasks agreed with the rest of the Planning Team (a sample of
tasks is listed below)
● Be available for online work and agreed virtual meetings;
● If possible and strongly encouraged to be present at the first preparatory meeting. The meeting will
take place in June for 2 days in Lithuania. Please note that depending on the covid situation, the
meeting might be online.
● Be present at the event itself that will be held in Lithuania the last week of October (Date To be
Defined – this may change depending on the covid-19 situation)

Are you interested? Fill out this application by 15/04/2022:

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